Friday, April 23, 2010

Tool Review: Festool TS 55

Ok, for quite some time now I have managed to resist drinking the Kool Aid that is better known as Festool, or Festool Aid as I have come to describe it to my students.However for those of us with an extremely limited workspace it is a temptation that haunts my mind to the point of feeling like needing to go to confession, or counselling to some point.

So here I am, new owner of a Festool TS 55 track saw and just as I had feared it is simply "Awesome"! I got the saw and accessory kit that had clamps (my only complaint is that clamps are not included) miter gauge, track connetors and so on. You could only imagine the horror as the saw cut cleanly and accurately through every type of material I threw at it. Also appalling was the fact that I can take it anywhere with ease, especially handy on job sites. I was equally depressed at how absolutly genius it was to be able to cut a bevel on a piece of stock directly on the line the bevel needed to occur with no guess work.

So I have nearly retired my worn out contractors saw that is taking up so much valued space in my so called shop. You may ask why all of the negative connotations regarding a tool that is destined to make my work more productive and enjoyable. Why? Now I have to buy more Festool stuff! Maybe a router, or, No! A Domino,or...............